maya's games

the games that I'm still proud of marked with a '⭐'

Wikipedia Museum (02/2022-present) ⭐

screenshot of the cheese exhibit. pictures of cheeses are displayed on the walls

This interactive museum is procedurally generated from wikipedia articles. Walls are filled with images and text from the article, and doors are placed in the exhibit based off of links.

Organ Trail (Ludum Dare 52 Submission) (01/2023) ⭐

dialogue screen saying 'good job regular sized tony, the boss is going to be very happy indeed, with her second heart'

CW for cartoon blood and gore and references to murder

I made this game in 48 hours under the theme "Harvest." It's a combination of dialogue and operation-style organ harvesting.

Falling Sand Shader (11/2022)

falling sand game interface,

I mostly made this to learn how to write shaders. It is a cellular automata that simulates falling particles of sand, fire, electricity, and (poorly) water.

Don't Wake Azathoth (Ludum Dare 50 Submission) (04/2022)

game title screen saying 'dont wake azathoth' with a picture of azathoth in bed

Made in under 48 hours, with the theme "Delay the Inevitable." This is a simple rhythm game that never ends.